Corporate & house parties

Planning a corporate event?

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Blackjack Table and Dealer

A casino party is perfect entertainment for a Chattanooga corporate event. We have done hundreds of these for some of the largest companies in the United States. We have done several customer appreciation events for Georgia pacific, and provided evening entertainment for national sales training seminars for Siemens Corporation. Other well known names include Home Depot, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Comcast, Kellogs, and Boeing’s Chinook division.

A few examples of types of corporate events we have provided entertainment for are sales seminars, customer appreciation events, executive retirement parties, corporate merger and product release celebrations, capping-off ceremonies for new buildings, association meetings, and plenty of corporate holiday parties. Daytime office parties for no apparent reason except to provide a welcome diversion for hard working employees happen every so often as well.

If you are considering a casino party for your company, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the details and find out what we can do for you. Consultation and estimates are free and without obligation.


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The Tables at the Chattanoogan Hotel

Planning a house party?

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Let’s play poker

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Wanna play blackjack?




We are often asked if we do small parties in private homes, and the answer is YES, of course! Homes are excellent venues as long as the party is relatively small. We recommend that you not book a bigger party than you have room for inside. Relying on an outdoor patio for any overflow that may occur can have really negative consequences if the weather doesn’t cooperate, which is a distinct possibility. The most common type of event we do in a home is a birthday party. We have also encountered graduation parties, anniversary celebrations, family reunions, and neighborhood get-togethers. For that matter, some people don’t need an excuse to get together for a party!
We have two 8′, one dealer craps tables for home use because bigger tables are a bit of a challenge in a home environment. Most home parties tend to concentrate on blackjack and poker because these tables are smaller than craps and roulette, but these games are a lot of fun, too. We can make anything work as long as we have a bit of room.


One advantage to a home party is the money you save by using a venue that has the cost included in your mortgage. The money you save frees up some cash that can be spent on upgrading other aspects of the event. Maybe you can even use some of the savings to hire a casino party company. We certainly endorse that idea 😀

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8′ craps table and dealers

Here’s what a recent house party customer had to say:

We absolutely had an awesome time at my party and it’s primarily because of your great staff and games. EVERYONE said how this was the best house party they have ever been to. The guests have made multiple comments how the dealers made it fun and how they actually learned how to play casino games that they never knew how to play. Craps was definitely one of those games that pretty much everyone learned how to play. Many calls telling me how they thought your service was top notch! Will was definitely a hit.
You guys were very professional and easy to deal with. The set-up and break down was non-intrusive while the party still continued after the “betting” was over. Nyna was also easy to deal with along with you, of course! You were very responsive from the very start and I appreciate that.
Everyone, of course, is ready for the next party. They have even suggested everyone splitting the costs. Your company and dealers made my “40th” Birthday one that I will never forget! I have posted several really cool pics of you, your team, and your games on my Facebook page. I would be happy to share if you would like them (especially one of you).
Thanks for helping make my party great!


Melissa, Chattanooga customer


Here are some pictures of that very party


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Fun in a carport with another8′ craps table

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The living room can be a great party venue

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