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We are Atlanta Casino Events, a family owned, casino themed event production company located in the Atlanta, Georgia area and managed by Jim Chase, with a satellite office in Chattanooga, Tennessee managed by Nyna Carswell. We began doing these events in the year 2000. We are not a reseller, nor are we actually based in a city many hundreds  of miles away with an internet presence that makes it seem we are a local company. We actually live in Atlanta and in Chattanooga.


Nyna Carswell

was born and raised in middle Tennessee and moved to Chattanooga as a teenager. She later moved to Atlanta for eight years to work with ACE and became one of the most popular casino party managers in that town. Read the customer feedback page in this site to see what some people have said about her recently. She has recently returned to Chattanooga because she loves it and considers it home. We then decided to open a branch of our company there because we have a very competent casino manager who lives there now.

Jim Chase

was born and raised in the Chattanooga area where he grew up to become a professional musician. He moved to Atlanta in his 20s to pursue a successful career in music and lives there now, but he still retains his family home just outside Chattanooga. Ten years ago, he decided to create Atlanta Casino Events. As you can see below, it is rapidly becoming one of the more popular organizations of its kind in the Southeast.


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We specialize in casino games, several different versions of The Derby horse racing show & game, and music, along with light decor. We serve the entire Southeast.
In addition to fundraisers, we are also perfect for corporate functions, sales meetings, customer appreciation events, country clubs, birthday/anniversary parties…just about anything you can think of where people need to be entertained.
We are very careful to strictly adhere to the laws that control gambling and make sure that we are always in compliance with those laws. We DO NOT actually gamble. What we do bears the same relationship to gambling that a Shirley Temple bears to a mixed drink. There is a resemblance, but an essential ingredient is missing. In our case, what’s missing is the element of loss. You can have all the fun of gambling when you play with us, but you won’t lose any real money.

In addition to being casino game dealers, we consider ourselves to be both teachers and entertainers. If any of your guests don’t know how to play the games, they will never have a better opportunity to learn. Where else, besides a real casino, could you learn to play casino games properly and be taught by very knowledgable and  professional dealers? And for free as well?


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Come and Learn Poker

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Teaching Craps